Redding Family

Fundraising for an Accessible Van

“Duchenne muscular dystrophy was very familiar while growing up in my household, as my two older brothers fell victim to the condition,” says Darren’s mom Amanda. “I assisted my parents and observed the ‘ups and downs’ while they cared for Warren and Ryan, unwittingly knowing this would prepare me for when I had my first child, Darren.”

When Darren was five years old, his family began noticing how Duchenne was affecting his muscles. “He began having difficulties moving from one place to the next at school, and by the time he reached the age of 10, Darren would be in a wheelchair,” says Amanda.

“For the first few years, a manual wheelchair had sufficed, but upon receiving a power wheelchair, the amount of freedom Darren would possess was a blessing. However, confined to sitting all day, the drawback was the slow but progressive weight gain,” says Amanda. It has become very difficult for Amanda to load and unload him at necessary points of access, such as vehicle transport, bathing, bedtime, and more.

“I am aware that soon I will not be able to physically lift Darren into my current vehicle. I wish for Darren not to be limited in where he can go and what he can do due to my inability to elevate him out of his wheelchair,” says Amanda. “I wish for him to be as independent as possible, and using the manual wheelchair at times of transport limits his experience to move on his own in contrast to the freedom provided by an electric one.”

The family decided to apply to Jett Foundation’s Accessible Vehicle Fund in hopes of obtaining safe, reliable transportation for Darren. The Accessible Vehicle Fund is one of two branches of support offered through the Jett Giving Fund; Jett Foundation seeks to partner with families impacted by Duchenne to raise the necessary funds to obtain this essential and vital item.

Amanda says, “This accessible vehicle will make a huge impact on my son’s life and give him the freedom to be mobile. Darren loves to travel and discover new places so we are hopeful that soon he will be able to explore a world full of wondrous possibilities without any restrictions.”

Help Darren attain freedom and independence! Please consider donating to Darren’s Jett Giving Fund fundraiser today.

All donations are tax deductible! The family is working to raise half the funds needed for their van; when they reach their goal, Jett Foundation will cover the remaining half and coordinate purchase and delivery of the vehicle.

About Jett Giving Fund’s Accessible Vehicle Fund

Jett Giving Fund is Jett Foundation’s financial assistance program for families impacted by Duchenne muscular dystrophy who are in need of accessible vehicles or emergency support. As part of the Accessible Vehicle Fund, families fundraise half the funds needed or more for an accessible vehicle, and Jett Foundation covers the remaining costs once they reach their goal. 

If other resources have already been used to meet a specific need, if there is no longer a specific need, and/or if donations have been received in excess of a specific need, donations made in furtherance of a specific need will be applied for general purposes of the Jett Giving Fund. If the Jett Giving Fund no longer exists, all donations will be applied to further the general charitable mission of Jett Foundation.