Overjoyed About Accessibility

“Our Odyssey has always been committed to equity and inclusion since it was founded. Our social meetups and other programs are a safe space for young adults to be who they are and share their stories without judgment. If any young adult requests a specific accommodation in order to fully participate in our programs, we do our best to provide it. 

Over the years though, we have heard from many of our participants about how lack of physical and digital accessibility in the world has negatively impacted their quality of life. We may only be able to show our support of existing initiatives to improve physical accessibility, but we realized that we can do more when it comes to the technology gaps that exist for digital accessibility. Our Odyssey is proud to announce its newest program – Overjoyed About Accessibility!

Overjoyed About Accessibility is a collaboration between Our Odyssey and the accessibility software Overjoyed. Overjoyed is a new way to create and play digitally turning small mouse movements into key presses and other actions, allowing even people with low to no dexterity or movement to control their computer. It was invented and developed by Our Odyssey board member Anthony and his friend Jonah Monaghan when Anthony’s rare disease, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, made it impossible for him to play video games using any physical controllers. What began as a way to play video games on PC by moving one finger on a trackpad, has been evolving into a software platform for accessible music creation and computer use.

“The goal of Our Odyssey’s partnership with Overjoyed is to utilize their software and knowledge about digital accessibility to expand Our Odyssey’s ability to provide more varied inclusive and accessible social activities.” – Megwyn Sanders-Andrews, Board Member of Our Odyssey

Take a look at “5 Fun Ways to Get Involved in Overjoyed About Accessibility!”

Source: Our Odyssey

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How is the rare disease community accomplishing goals?

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