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    About Alexa Tinsley

    Alexa is a pet mom of two Australian Shepards and two cats. She judges gymnastics after competing in the sport for 11 years, and enjoys exercising, kicking back with a good book, and watching movies (with popcorn, of course).

    Where are you from? Tell us about you!

    I was born in Colorado, but have lived in Florida since I was one. I completed my first undergraduate degree in up-state New York at Ithaca College, so I have gotten my fill of snow before moving back to Florida.

    I volunteered at MDA summer camp for 10 years, and started my career with MDA. I worked for them for four-and-a-half years before going back to school to become a pediatric nurse. I have worked as a pediatric nurse in Tampa, Florida in the GI/Neuro/Surgical/COVID unit. I am excited to bring my experience from MDA and nursing into my role at Jett Foundation!

    What brings you to Jett Foundation?

    I always like to say, “Once you find your way into the neuromuscular community, it’s hard to leave.” The community is so strong, and being able to connect with these families is something I missed in the hospital setting. Being back in the nonprofit world to help families is the best, and something I am passionate about.” 

    Tell us some fun facts about you!

    • Two of our animals are named after characters from Lord of the Rings.” 
    • Things that make me happy are: my family, my animals, the movie Trolls.
    • I lived in Italy for three months and try to go back every few years.” 

    What are you most excited about at Jett Foundation?

    All of the things! Being able to help connect families with direct service programs, and provide much needed education to the community. I am excited to work with the Jett Foundation team and to work with families throughout the neuromuscular community in a variety of ways!

    To connect with Alexa, please email her at [email protected].

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    How is the rare disease community accomplishing goals?

    Tune in on February 29 to hear from our panel and moderators on how they are accomplishing goals and living life to the fullest!

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