Julie LeClair

Community Program Coordinator
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    About Julie LeClair

    This dog mom, to Duke Kaboom the Cavapoo, loves partaking in Ninja Warrior competitions and any athletic activity you throw her way!

    Where are you from? Tell us about you!

    I was born, raised, and recently bought my first home in Taunton, Massachusetts. I went to Saint Anselm College, where I played on their Division 2 softball team (go Hawks!), and went on to receive my Master’s degree from Arkansas State University. Athletics have always been a huge part of my life and I will always be grateful for the opportunities I’ve had so far.”

    What brings you to Jett Foundation?

    Growing up, I never knew what I wanted my career to be. One thing I knew for sure was that I always wanted to help others and make an impact on their lives! My experience working for a small nonprofit college in the ResLife and Recreation departments made me fall in love with this type of work. Now, I feel like I’m living out my childhood dream while being a part of the Jett Foundation team.” 

    Tell us some fun facts about you!

    • Recently, I tested for the show American Ninja Warrior in San Antonio, Texas! You might see me appear in a few of the episodes this coming summer!
    • I have a huge variety of hobbies! For example: I’m an avid gardener (I love my organic fruit and veggies), refinishing/making furniture, playing pickle ball, golf, volleyball, and frisbee golf. I love participating in Zumba and HipHop Step Classes, organizing anything I can find, making travel itineraries for trips, and learning about nutrition.
    • I’m a NASM personal trainer and currently am studying to become a NASM Certified Nutritionist. 
    • I’m a huge foody and love finding the best farm to table restaurants on all my trips.
    • I know 23 digits of Pi and can say the alphabet backwards super fast!
    • I can make my voice sound exactly like the chipmunks’ voices in the movie ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks,’ and I can even sing like them too!

    What are you most excited about at Jett Foundation?

    I can’t wait to continue meeting our community members and families at the upcoming Jett workshops and Camp Promise locations!

    To connect with Julie, you can email her at julie@jettfoundation.org.