Meghan Houston

Camp Promise Program Director

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    About Meghan Houston

    Meghan is a curiously crafty Camp Promise Programs Director taking on the world with her dog, Carl. If she isn’t at Camp Promise or thinking about it, you can find Meghan and Carl hiking a PNW trail or catching a “Parks and Recreation” TV marathon with a warm cup of joe.

    Where are you from? Tell us about you!

    “I was born in the Evergreen State – Washington has always been my home. Growing up, I played years of sports and found any way to be outside, which inevitably led me to Camp Promise. Starting out as a camp counselor gave me a love for our community which fuels me to serve in any possible way. I am a summer camp enthusiast through and through and love finding new ways to incorporate it into my everyday life.” 

    What brings you to Jett Foundation?

    “I am very proud of the work that Jett Foundation does, and am very proud to be on a team of such fierce advocates and professionals that campaign for the Duchenne community. Being able to serve these boys, men, and ladies, in the way that we do, means the world to me. I could not imagine spending my time and energy doing anything else.”

    Fun Facts:

    • I played fast-pitch softball for 17 years.
    • I have attended 18 Camp Promise sessions!
    • Things that make me happy: My dog, the color yellow, music, and Disney/Pixar movies!

    What are you most excited about at Jett Foundation?

    “My position allows me to arrange a lot of the fun parts of our services, so I’m most excited to bring in new and exciting things to Camp Promise for our participants to try, such as hot air balloon rides, VR roller coasters, rock climbing, cycling, and more. The chance to implement more adaptive activities and opportunities for our community in the future is very exciting!”

    To connect with Meghan, you can email her at [email protected].

    Experience the magic this summer!

    How is the rare disease community accomplishing goals?

    Tune in on February 29 to hear from our panel and moderators on how they are accomplishing goals and living life to the fullest!

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