Cori Dubois Joins Jett Team as Marketing and Communications Specialist

March 14, 2021

Please join us in welcoming Cori Dubois, Marketing and Communications Specialist and Jett Foundation’s newest teammate!

Cori recently graduated from Bridgewater State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies, concentrating in Film, Video, and Media. She also minored in Urban Affairs and Writing Studies, fueled by her passion to understand human values and community interactions. While studying at Bridgewater State, Cori gained hands-on writing and media experience through her internship at Channel 7 News Boston and as a Campus Life Editor at BSU’s student-run newspaper, The Comment.

Cori loves immersing herself in new cultures and perspectives through traveling. She studied abroad in Italy, discovering what it means to be “Italian” through food, film, and culture. Her favorite place to go, and safe-haven, is the beach. She hopes to one day visit the beautiful beaches of Greece. Another thing she is passionate about is family. She has three younger brothers, the two youngest being three and five years old. Watching them grow up into the spunky kids they are has been so much fun and has made life that much more exciting!

Cori believes her values strongly align with those of Jett Foundation, which is what initially drew her to the role. Three values that stood out to her were family, empowerment, and, above all, community. Growing up with a non-profit organization in her family, Cori witnessed the impact that organizations like Jett Foundation can have on empowering individuals. She is impressed by the outreach work that Jett Foundation does in the Duchenne community.

Cori is so excited to be a part of the Jett Foundation team! In her role as Marketing and Communication Specialist, she is most excited to meet and hear the stories of the families in the strong community that Jett Foundation has brought together. She looks forward to learning the ways that various platforms can be used to help bring these individuals’ stories to light and share their journeys with others. She can not wait to make an impact on other individuals and grow as a person herself throughout this opportunity.

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