Jett Foundation Welcomes Adrian Kielhorn to its Board of Directors

November 8, 2023

Jett Foundation is thrilled to welcome Adrian Kielhorn to its Board of Directors. Adrian’s extensive career experience and communications expertise will help support Jett Foundation’s mission is to empower people and families impacted by Duchenne muscular dystrophy through the development of transformative programming, educational opportunities, and ongoing support for every stage of a Duchenne journey. 

“Our Board of Directors is expanding to better position our organization for growth to meet the needs of as many families as possible in the Duchenne community,” says Jett Foundation Executive Director, Eric Snyder. “We are excited to welcome Adrian and look forward to benefiting from his extensive communications and advocacy experience.”

Adrian has spent most of his career working for pharmaceutical companies in Health Economics and Outcomes Research. In these roles, he helped negotiate the reimbursement of drugs with fundholders and insurance companies. Adrian is an advocate for incorporating the perspective of patients and caregivers in drug development, developed solutions to tackle health inequities in rare diseases and just developed a new patient diversity measure for use in clinical trials and health economic research.  

“To assist and accompany children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (and their parents), a truly debilitating disease, is a laudable goal I will gladly dedicate my time and energy to,” says Adrian. “The path of every patient with a rare disease is already arduous enough. As a board member, I will do my best to support the goals and activities of Jett Foundation designed to reduce the impact and burden.”

Adrian is also the author of the Health Economics Handbook, just published the Market Access Guide, and has been a co-author in over 20 peer-reviewed manuscripts. Adrian is active in various activities linked to community development, is part of a group called Male Allies to Women in Leadership, and a member of EBBF, a global organization dedicated to building ethical businesses.

When asked what he hopes to accomplish as a member of the board, Adrian responded, “I have had a passion for effective and impactful communication ever since I started working. In fact, my first book I wrote to facilitate the communication of health economic research. Whether it is the development of a strategy for Jett Foundation or the sharing of results, I will do my best to bring my communication expertise to the table.”

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