Jett Foundations Hosts 2022 Go! For Duchenne National Challenge

June 15, 2022

On the weekend of June 11-12, 2022, many individuals from across the United States participated in Jett Foundation’s National Challenge, an at-home staple in Jett Foundation’s Go! for Duchenne athletic events. 

Jett Foundation’s National Challenge is a show of strength in the fight against Duchenne muscular dystrophy, where participants can choose how and where they will move in order to raise funds and awareness for Duchenne. Individuals and families that participated in the 2022 challenge came from 16 different states and completed activities such as walking, running, biking, rowing, lifting, and more. 

This year’s challenge was accepted by Jett Community Ambassadors, Duchenne moms, individuals impacted by Duchenne, Jett Foundation Board members and employees, pharmaceutical companies in the Duchenne community, and many more. 

Melissa Hadel chose to walk in this year’s challenge for her son and others alike who live with Duchenne. Melissa says, “I participated because I live an active lifestyle and walking is one of my exercise preferences, so it’s easy to get involved. We are so grateful to those that have spread awareness and raised funds before us, considering my son has been receiving weekly infusions of an FDA-approved treatment now that, without the advocates that came before us, wouldn’t exist. I’ve had over 30,000 views on one of my most endearing Instagram reels of Brodie and his journey, and his personal goal of increasing his YouTube subscribers is now one of my life goals, too.”

Jessica Campbell (pictured on right) is also a mother whose child lives with Duchenne, and helps serve the community as a Jett Ambassador. She says, “The choice to participate in another Jett [National] Challenge is an easy one. Jett Foundation is an organization that continues to pour back into those they serve. As a mother to an amazing son, Javon (15), I have a motto of “whatever it takes.” This year, whatever it takes took on a new meaning. I chose to use this challenge as a way to step outside of my comfort zone and bring Duchenne awareness to the streets of Hendersonville, NC, our local community. Decked out in all the Jett gear, I walked the streets of the Hendersonville Farmers Market and the Tailgate market, sharing our journey, our story, and my “why” with others, all while making some new friends!”

Melissa Kendall completed a 5K run with her family from home to raise money for Jett Foundation’s programs and services. She says, “[Duchenne] is very near and dear to my heart… The more people that know and understand Duchenne, the more people will want to help those that have it.”

Diana Johnson, a Jett Community Ambassador and Duchenne mom, shared what Duchenne and the National Challenge means to her: “I participated in the challenge to spread awareness locally and to educate others on DMD. The outpouring of support we receive from our home community is heartwarming. I’ve been a member at SIN Fitness for four years, and it’s been a sanctuary. SIN stands for ‘strength in numbers.’ It’s an amazing gym and my good friend is the Co-owner. She’s a constant support to me and understands how meaningful it is to have an event like this at the gym. The Move-a-Thon consisted of teams of two competing against each other in a five-mile row or 35 minutes of nonstop kickfit. Next year, we want to add a kids contest to the challenge! We had over 90 gym members donate online or contribute to our Red Raffle of prizes from local businesses and gift baskets made by members. It was a very special event.”

Through participants of the National Challenge, Jett Foundation aims to raise over $12,000 for programs and resources that directly benefit members of the Duchenne community. Donations through participants’ fundraising pages are open until June 19, and Jett Foundation’s general donation page accepts donations year-round.

Jett Foundation will also send Go! for Duchenne teams to the Tri4Jett Cohasset Triathlon, Falmouth Road Race, Gals for Cal Triathlon, and Rodman Ride for Kids to raise funds and awareness for Duchenne muscular dystrophy this summer.

Thank you to this year’s National Challenge Sponsors!

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