Meet Leesa, Summer Marketing and Communications Intern

June 2, 2020

Please join us in welcoming one of our newest teammates, Leesa Prescod! Leesa will be joining our Marketing and Communications department as a summer intern.

Leesa recently finished her first year of grad school at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. She’s enrolled in the university’s Professional Writing and Communication Program and is a teaching fellow. Each semester, Leesa lectures to a class of undergraduates in a course called Business Communication. “I’m thrilled to be involved with the Jett Foundation because of their dedication to supporting families in need of support,” says Leesa.

Leesa always wanted to become either an art teacher or an English teacher. Starting from grade school, she wanted more teachers to care about the outcome of their students. She wanted more teachers to create an environment where students can feel motivated and build confidence in their skills. “In high school, my class advisor asked me what I wish to accomplish after graduation,” says Leesa. “I told him: ‘I’ll become the teacher I wish I had in school.’”

When Leesa switched her major from Art Education to Writing and Rhetoric, she initially thought she gave up on art. Quickly, Leesa learned that writing is another form of art; there are no limits when it comes to creativity and sharing your vision. Art is incorporated into her lectures. As an instructor, Leesa teaches her students that context, medium, and visual modes are all equally important in communicating to an audience.

Welcome to the Jett Foundation Family, Leesa!

Fun Fact: In her spare time, Leesa loves to paint and draw portraits. It’s a great way to unwind after a long day of work or class. Currently, she’s painting butterfly koi fish.

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