Reintroducing the Team: Get to Know Kelly

December 17, 2020

Kelly MacGrath joined Jett Foundation in 2018 as Finance Manager. Kelly’s 15 years of experience in the finance industry have been an asset to the team since her arrival.

As part of Jett Foundation’s finance department, Kelly MacGrath has worked hard to keep the team on track financially despite a very different year than expected. She says the transition to remote work has been relatively easy, with frequent Zoom meetings to keep the team collaborative and in line with organizational goals.

“Some of the programming that Jett has provided on the ground in the past has now been able to reach more participants virtually,” says Kelly, “While we miss being in person with our team and community, from the finance lens, lots of savings in travel expenses allows us to offer more virtual events and reach more families.

Even though we were virtual this year, we met more families than ever and got to engage from afar.

— Pablo

Working at Jett Foundation has had so many highlights for Kelly. She loves being a part of van giftings through the Jett Giving Fund and meeting families through Jett Foundation’s community events. One of her favorite events each year is World Duchenne Awareness Day, a day dedicated to bringing together local patients, families, Duchenne experts, and industry partners to celebrate the advances made in Duchenne muscular dystrophy research.

“Meeting the families, and listening to their stories is what drives home what we work for every single day,” says Kelly. “Even though we were virtual this year, we met more families than ever and got to engage from afar. This year especially showcased just how strong this community is.”

Her experience working from home in three words: productive, perspective, and quiet.

When asked to share a valuable tip on how to stay concentrated when working from home, Kelly shares, “find a room to work in with a door!”

While she has been able to work productively from home and enjoys the quiet, one of the many aspects Kelly misses from working in the office are her work friends. To combat that, she makes it a point to find ways to connect by phone. She also takes advantage of the opportunity to focus on her family by planning special activities with her kids at home and talking more walks after work to the beach with her husband and her dog, Ruby.

To connect with Kelly, email her at

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