Thanking NS Pharma for Continued Partnership and Support

November 28, 2023

Jett Foundation would not be able to provide transformative programming, educational opportunities, and ongoing support to individuals and families impacted by Duhenne muscular dystrophy without support from sponsors, donors, and partners. We are very grateful for our partnership with NS Pharma, a subsidiary of Nippon Shinyaku, Ltd. that is developing products to change the way patients and doctors fight rare diseases, such as Duchenne.

NS Pharma is committed to research for medicines for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Jonathan Cabral, US Head of Patient Services and Market Access at NS Pharma, says, “There are many highlights to working for NS Pharma, the greatest being the benefit that our Exon skipping treatment provides for our patients and families in the Duchenne community. Our youngest patient is six months old and our oldest is approximately 30 years old. It is incredibly rewarding to see the positive impact we are making with these two patients who represent very different stages of their respective journeys.”

NS Pharma’s partnership has benefited many programs, services, awareness days, and events directed by Jett Foundation such as World Duchenne Awareness Day, Rare Disease Day, Community Webinars, educational Family Workshops, and more. “Jett Foundation provides an incredible spectrum of support to the Duchenne community from educational events to one-on-one mentoring and, most poignantly, Camp Promise that brings moments of profound joy and happiness” says Cabral. “Through Patient Services, we hear firsthand from parents and boys about the wonderful moments that are experienced during camp. It is truly inspiring to the NS Pharma team to support Jett Foundation.”

A key component to Jett’s partnership with NS Pharma has been in-person collaboration and observation. The team at NS Pharma attends Jett Foundation’s Family Workshops, speaks at Community Webinars, and even pops into our Plymouth, Massachusetts offices to collaborate on the road ahead to support families with Duchenne.

To other potential partners with Jett Foundation: “Any support you can provide Jett will be put to good use and helps Duchenne families in a number of meaningful ways. Jett Foundation knows what needs to be done to help these families, whether it be putting a smile on their faces at Camp Promise or helping a family through tough financial times. Rest assured any donation will be put to good use and greatly appreciated.” – Jonathan Cabral

Thank you, NS Pharma, for your continued support! If you are interested in joining NS Pharma as a supporter of Jett Foundation’s family-focused programming and resources, please email [email protected].


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