Jett Foundation established the Jett Giving Fund to assist families affected by Duchenne muscular dystrophy in purchasing unaffordable, but vital medical and accessibility equipment.

Jett Giving Fund applicants will raise 50 percent of cost of the item they need for the Jett Giving Fund. In turn, the Jett Giving Fund, through the support of generous corporate and individual donors, will match the remaining 50 percent and purchase the piece of equipment or accessibility item the family needs.

Health insurance often won’t cover all specialized medical and accessibility equipment such as scooters, shower chairs, ramps, rotational beds and accessible vans; items needed when suffering from a progressive muscle-wasting disorder. Without these necessities, those with Duchenne struggle to participate in the kinds of activities that most people take for granted, such as getting to and from school, or going to the mall with friends. 

Please read about Ethan Pyles and Max Gaudenzi who have applied to the Jett Giving Fund, and check out some of our recent success stories, including Hayden Harris, Liam McGourty, and Sevastyan Apa

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Become one of many generous individuals and corporate sponsors that make this program possible. Read some comment's below of families that need your help. Together, we can make a difference!

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