The mission of Jett Foundation is to increase worldwide awareness of Duchenne muscular dystrophy with the purpose of raising and appropriating funds for programs, education, research and advocacy that will find treatments, realize a cure for this fatal disease and ensure that all affected by Duchenne have the opportunity to enjoy a full life.

Our leading-edge and grassroots approach to advocacy and serving the patient community helps us correspond with all stakeholders in the Duchenne community, including regulators, federal and state governments, academics and Duchenne clinicians, pharmaceutical companies, state medicaid programs, and move swiftly in response to needs and changing landscapes. While our advocacy efforts were critical to the approval of the first FDA approved therapy for the treatment of Duchenne, Exondys 51, we stand ready to work and advocate for the remaining 87 percent of the population not amenable to this treatment, and continue to promote the inclusion of the patient perspective in every stage of drug development.

We aim to reach every patient and family in the Duchenne community, and invite you to engage with us as we realize a world without Duchenne.