CrossFit MOB of Denver Moves Their Muscles for Jett Foundation and Duchenne Community

February 22, 2024

CrossFit MOB, a gym located in Denver, Colorado, hosted a Battle of the Badges competition fundraiser to benefit Jett Foundation and the Duchenne muscular dystrophy community on February 3, 2024. Participants were individuals or friends/family of individuals who are first responder firefighters, law enforcement, or emergency medical services.

Battle of the Badges began in 2013 and continues to benefit a multitude of charities each year. “There is a lot that goes into putting together an event like this,” shares CrossFit MOB’s sports performance coach CJ Lovett. “With this being a charity event, we want athletes to experience success but also challenge the best Crossfitters among us. This year, we had some amazing athletes showcase their abilities in front of a great crowd.”

CJ brought Jett Foundation to the attention of his gym as a way to pay tribute to and benefit his close friends, the Horan Family, who also live in Colorado. Ryan, Aaron, and Ian Horan live with Duchenne and have attended Jett Foundation’s Camp Promise for many years. CJ has known the family since attending high school with Ryan. The Horan brothers continue to have a positive impact on the Duchenne community each year.

Despite a snowstorm rolling through the Denver area just before the event, athletes still showed up in numbers with enthusiasm to raise funds and awareness for Jett Foundation. CJ says, “The most competitive heats of athletes brought the crowd to their feet and the noise level to a maximum… we were also able to have Kim Horan speak to attendees about Duchenne and how it has impacted her family’s life. The event was a great success!”

The competition raised $4,000 toward Jett Foundation’s mission of assisting individuals and families impacted by Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Battle of the Badges and the Horan Family have left a lasting impact on CJ: “Being able to finally give back to the Horan Family in a tangible way means the world to me. They have always been so great to me, my wife, and my kids. Community is a very important part of life and I get to regularly witness the impact the Horan Family has on the Duchenne community. To be able to give to that community on a larger scale was clearly the right decision for myself and for CrossFit MOB.”

Jett Foundation is very grateful for the awareness and funds raised by CrossFit MOB and looks forward to a continued partnership through fundraising events.

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