Jett Foundation’s Jett Giving Fund Sets Up Accessible Future for Oregon Family

January 16, 2024

The Toy Family lives in Springfield, Oregon, and faces the challenges of a Duchenne muscular dystrophy diagnosis each day. Daniel Toy (13) was diagnosed with Duchenne at a young age. Duchenne is a progressive neuromuscular disorder that causes a loss of motor, pulmonary, and cardiac function.

About two years ago, Daniel stopped walking and his muscles weakened rapidly. The family has struggled to leave the house as a group to visit friends, make doctor’s appointments, or accomplish daily activities, which is why they applied to the Jett Giving Fund. Spending time with his siblings and family members is Daniels favorite thing to do. “We often turn down opportunities to go out to eat, go to events, attend parties, etc. due to Daniel needing to be transferred multiple times,” says Hannah, Daniel’s mother.

She also shares “Going back and forth between houses and lifting Daniel into our car was not safe for our family. An accessible vehicle would bring back the joy he gets from visiting the people in his life.”

An accessible vehicle is just what the Toy Family received on December 27, 2023, at their home in Oregon. Celebrating with smiles and their best dancing moves, the family looks forward to future chapters where they can travel safely, together. Hannah shares, “There are no words to adequately capture what this van means to our family. It has given the world back to Daniel. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “It is not the length of life, but the depth of life.” While we still fight for the length, we will be forever indebted to our community and Jett Foundation for allowing Daniel to explore the depth of his life. The adventures have just begun!”

Established in 2017, Jett Giving Fund has helped transform the lives of countless families across the country with over $3.5 million worth of accessible equipment and emergency assistance thanks to the generous support of individual donors, local communities, and major sponsors including Cure Dale’s Duchenne, Finn’s Friends, the Flatley Foundation, the Killian Family, Catalyst Pharmaceuticals, Kindness Over Muscular Dystrophy, Michael’s Cause, Ryan’s Quest, Sarepta Therapeutics, and Ultragenyx.

You can help us to support more families through the three branches of Jett Giving Fund: the Accessible Vehicle Fund, Emergency Fund, and Equipment Assistance Fund. Donate today or learn more about becoming a sponsor by emailing [email protected].

If you or someone you know is in need of support or would like more information on our Jett Giving Fund, please visit

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