Second Time JettRider Returned for More Impactful Stories

Ian Routh is riding with the JettRide for his second summer this year.

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Ian found out about the Jett Foundation from a family friend who works there. He really enjoys riding my bike, so he thought riding in the JettRide would be a fun summer adventure.

He was so impressed by the families and young men affected by Duchenne. They were very generous to the riders by giving them rooms to stay in and feeding them while they visited. Ian was able to witness boys that were outgoing, positive and brave even though he have Duchenne. Ian understood that the JettRide would be hard, but he thought that it was nothing compared to what those who suffer with Duchenne and deal with everyday. The more families I met, the prouder I was to be out biking and raising money and awareness for Duchenne.

He is very close to his goal of $2,500; you can still support his journey by donating on his FirstGiving fundraising page.

Twelve-Year-Old Rides for his Brother

Liam Mullaly is a 12-year-old who is riding in the JettRide this year.

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As a day rider, Liam will be biking with the JettRiders on the last day into Plymouth, Massachusetts. Liam is doing the JettRide for his brother, Connor, who has DMD. Liam is also supporting the Jett Foundation they are dedicated to improving lives for kids like Connor that live with Duchenne every day. Riding and raising funds for the JettRide is Liam’s way of getting one step closer to finding a cure for those affected by Duchenne.

He is very close to his goal of $5,000; you can still support his journey by donating on his FirstGiving fundraising page.

Edwards Siblings Ride for a Better Life for their Brother

Olivia & Brian Edwards are both taking part in the 2018 JettRide.


Both Olivia and Brian are riding for their youngest brother Tanner. Tanner was diagnosed with Duchenne when he was 4 years old. Tanner’s family has watched him lose the ability to walk, stand, and get off the floor. Tanner also had to change from using a manual wheelchair to a power wheelchair to get around. Now Tanner relies on the use of his robotic WREX arms to feed himself because of his loss of arm strength.

Last summer, Brian was one of the camp counselors for the Jett Foundation’s Camp Promise last year. Camp Promise taught Brian how hard it truly is to take care of a child that is completely dependent on you. Brian has stepped up around the house taking care of Tanner and now looks forward to attending camp again this summer. Olivia had a hard time riding her bike for 700 miles. The thing that made her push herself to keep going during the JettRide last year was she thought about Tanner and all the boys with Duchenne she met along the ride. The Edward’s siblings see the JettRide as a way to help all boys and families impacted by Duchenne.

The Edwards’ have already exceeded their fundraising goal of $6,000; you can still support on their journey by donating on their FirstGiving fundraising page.

Team Jett Tuesday: Jack Wolf


We are thrilled to introduce one of our newest teammates, Jack Wolf. Jack joins Jett Foundation as a Jetting for Success Summer Fellow.

Jack is impacted personally by Duchenne muscular dystrophy, but he does not let obstacles stand in his way. For example, he was a member of his high school marching band throughout his four years of high school.

It means a lot to Jack to be able to work at Jett Foundation this summer. Jett Foundation has been an important part of his support system, and he is excited to give back to the community by way of marketing and social media.

Jack is 18 and will be a freshman at the University of Akron in Ohio in the fall. There, he will pursue an associate’s degree in marketing and a bachelor's degree in leadership. He is working on earning his driver's license so he can commute to college every day.

Jack is hoping to earn valuable experience and knowledge in the field of marketing through this summer fellowship with Jett Foundation. He is hoping to build upon the skills gained at his internship last summer with Zinc Insurance. His dream job is to be a Digital Marketing Manager because it involves combining both his passions: marketing and social media. Both specialties interest him because they are constantly adapting as technologies advance and are always in demand.

In his free time, Jack likes to play video games, read, and listen to music. His favorite color is green, which is the color of his wheelchair. He enjoys playing video games based on Lego characters. His favorite type of music is pop and his favorite band is Imagine Dragons. Jack’s favorite sport to watch and play is baseball. He enjoys all the Cleveland sports teams, but his favorite sports team is the Cleveland Indians. He likes to read superhero comics about Batman and Captain America. He is also an Eagle Scout, sporting 102 merit badges from the Boy Scouts of America.

Jack’s all-time favorite memory is when he met nine Harry Potter cast members and was one of the first people to experience the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando in Florida through Make-A-Wish.

Jack lives in Ohio with his parents Brian and Karen and is the oldest of three siblings. When he is not busy, he likes to spend time with his family and friends.

Ashley Kelliher's Third JettRide Journey

Ashley K.jpg

Ashley Kelliher is a 16-year-old who is riding in the JettRide this year.

Ashley is riding for her friend named Cal. Cal was diagnosed with Duchenne at a young age. Now Cal is starting to have a hard time doing things that person without Duchenne can do without any type of help like walking.

There is currently no cure for DMD, but people still have hope that a cure will be created. Ashley has raised money and awareness for DMD before through events like 5K’s and triathlons. She has participated in the 2016 and 2017 JettRides and both were experiences of a lifetime. She had such a good time that she is returning this year to do the 2018 JettRide.

Ashley is working on raising $3,000; you can still support her journey by donating on her FirstGiving fundraising page.

Luke and Lance Hains JettRiding for their Brother

luke & lance.png

Meet Luke and Lance: two brothers participating in this year’s Go! for Duchenne JettRide.

Luke and Lance Hains are determined to crush their fundraising and bicycling goals this summer in honor of their little brother, Levi. Levi is 11 years old and has Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This year, walking has been hard for Levi and this change has been eye opening for Luke and Lance. Both big brothers are actively involved in sports but it has been hard to get excited when their brother Levi is often not be able to participate.

But, Levi doesn’t let Luke and Lance forget that he will be faster then them soon enough when he gets his very first power chair in the coming months.

“Levi’s a happy kid and we love him. That’s why we JettRide,” said Luke and Lance.

Both brothers are excited to be able to spend time with families just like theirs as they journey across eight states. Their main hope: to show other families that they are not alone.

The Hains’ have already exceeded their fundraising goal of $6,000; you can still support them on their journey by donating on their FirstGiving fundraising page.

Jack Stubbs Returns for Third JettRide

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Jack Stubbs is a 16-year-old rider who has been involved in the JettRide for 3 years.

Jack is riding in support of his friend named Calvin (Cal for short). Cal and Jack are so close that they feel like they are cousins.

The boys are lifelong friends who have shared many exciting memories and adventures together. Their families have gone on vacation together and Jack has always enjoyed spending time with Cal. Cal was diagnosed with Duchenne when he was 5 years old. Jack has witnessed Duchenne take away Cal’s ability to walk, run, and do other activities that the boys used to enjoy together.

Jack has already exceeded his fundraising goal of $3,500.00, but you can still support his journey by donating on his FirstGiving fundraising page.

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Jett Giving Fund to Present Brothers Zach and Tyler with Accessible Van

Poling Zachary and Tyler.jpg

PRESS RELEASE - Marietta, OH – Jett Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, is helping a family from Philippi, West Virginia purchase an accessible van through their financial assistance program, Jett Giving Fund. Zachary (Zach) and Tyler Poling, 12 and 10-year-olds with Duchenne and their mom, Jennifer Poling, have raised half the funds needed for their $36,812 accessible van through their First Giving Page. Jett Foundation is matching the remaining 50 percent to purchase the van for the family. Zach, Tyler, and their family are set to receive their van on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at Marietta Mobility Services, 221 Pike St, Marietta, OH 45750.

“Both boys are currently in middle school and they are realizing now they can’t physically keep up with their peers as they get fatigued throughout the day and teased by other kids. And, Zach has been recently diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum Disorder which has made our life a little more complicated,” says Jennifer Poling. “This van will enable them to go places like other preteens and stay engaged in community, have comfort and safety as we drive to  doctor appointments, and get them to and from school with no limitations.”

Health insurance often won’t cover all specialized medical and accessibility equipment such as scooters, shower chairs, ramps, rotational medical beds, platform lifts, and handicap accessible vans; items needed when suffering from a progressive muscle-wasting disorder. Without this equipment, those with Duchenne struggle to participate in the kinds of activities that most people take for granted, such as going to and from doctor’s appointments, navigating the hallways at school, and going to the mall with friends.

“I know from personal experience that vans, scooters, rotating hospital beds, and stair lifts are vital to improving the quality of life of someone with Duchenne. I also know how incredibly expensive that equipment is, and how little health insurance actually covers,” says Christine McSherry, founder of Jett Foundation and mom of a 22-year-old with Duchenne. “We started Jett Giving Fund to try to make life-changing equipment just a little more obtainable for individuals affected by Duchenne.”

Launched last year, the fund has helped transform lives of countless families across the country. To learn more about Jett Giving Fund or to become a sponsor, please visit:

About Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Diagnosed during childhood, Duchenne is a progressive neuromuscular disorder that causes a loss of motor, pulmonary, and cardiac function, and premature death. It affects every one in 3,500 live male births and some females. Duchenne has no cure. Children with Duchenne are born seemingly healthy and decline over time, usually losing their ability to walk around the age of 12 and succumbing to the disease in their early to mid-twenties.

About Jett Foundation
Since 2001, Jett Foundation, a nonprofit located in Plymouth, MA, has worked to extend and enrich the lives of individuals affected by Duchenne muscular dystrophy and other neuromuscular disorders. It does this by partnering with families impacted by Duchenne muscular dystrophy through empowering educational programming, transformational direct service experiences, and by accelerating development of life-changing treatments. For more, visit

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