JettRide Day 5: 24 miles to visit the Rudd Family

On Day 5 of JettRide 2019, the JettRiders started with some fun at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. They took a cool photo in front of a giant Hall of Fame Class of 2019 poster… they are our own Class of 2019 JettRide Hall of Famers! They had a blast checking out equipment over the years and vintage helmets.

After their stop, they were back on the bikes and moving their muscles for Duchenne muscular dystrophy! They took a little lunch break and snooze later in the day in Paris… Paris, OH that is.


When they finally got to the Rudd Family home, they were treated to s’mores and excellent company. Thank you for hosting our JettRiders, Aaron, Amanda and Cade! They had such a great time!


Team Jett Tuesday: Meghan Houston

Meghan 2.jpg

Meet our energetic and fun-loving Camp Promise Assistant Director, Meghan Houston!  She was first introduced to the organization by a family friend. Throughout her nine years with Jett Foundation and Camp Promise, Meghan has worn many hats: counselor, unit leader, apprentice and now Assistant Director!

Meghan gets her passion from campers who push themselves beyond what they imagined to be possible and “those who whole-heartedly jump into something that is outside of their comfort zone.” This drives Meghan to do the same. 

When Meghan isn’t dreaming about her next costume for themed days at camp or singing and dancing out loud whenever music plays, she loves playing with her adorable puppy, Carl, and trying new recipes. Michelle Obama inspires Meghan to put her all into what she is passionate about, which shows in her enthusiasm and dedication to Camp Promise.

JettRide Day 4: 47 Miles in Ohio

Day 4 of the JettRide challenged riders with 47 miles through Ohio. They started the day rocking their awesome camo t-shirts courtesy of the Henegars and Braedan’s Bridge!

After a yummy breakfast, they hit the bikes hard but later in the day were treated to delicious ice cream at Oser’s Dairy & Deli (a local favorite) by the City Manager of Canal Fulton, Mark Cozy. Thank you, City Manager Cozy and Oser’s Dairy & Deli!

JettRiders with City Manager of Canal Fulton, Mark Cozy.

JettRiders with City Manager of Canal Fulton, Mark Cozy.

JettRide Day 3: 60-miles in Ohio to the Dumm Family

Day 3 challenged our JettRiders with their first full day of cycling through Ohio. This first major leg of their journey consisted of 60 miles and for nearly half the JettRiders, this was the longest they had ever cycled in their lives. JettRider Lance described the trek as “long and flat” but said he felt extremely accomplished after a day of riding with his friends (new and old) from other states. Evan said the hills were his biggest challenge of Day 3 but that he was feeling good after completing the ride.

The riders finally got some relief and relaxation when they made it to the Dumm family home. There they were treated to a fried chicken dinner (requested by JettRider Trey) and were spoiled by the whole family according to tour leader Gary. Thank you to the Dumm family for their hospitality and for treating our JettRiders so well after a long day!

Dumm Family Visit 1.jpg
Dumm Family Visit 3.jpg

JettRide Day 2: 5-mile Shakedown & JOA Picnic in the Park

Day 2 of the 2019 JettRide is in the books!

Riders started the day off with a 5-mile shakedown ride. A shakedown, in cycling parlance, is a test run of your bike in a specific configuration to make sure everything works as it should. It is meant to bring any hidden weaknesses or problems to the surface quickly, so that they don't surprise you in the middle of long, important cycling trip later.

During the shakedown, JettRiders dipped their back tires in Lake Erie before taking off. Why? It is bicycling tradition to dip your back tire in a body of water at the start of the journey, and at the end of the trip, dip the front tire in a body of water. JettRiders will dip their front tire in the ocean at Point Pleasant Beach, NJ in a couple weeks at the finish line!

After their test run, the teens enjoyed some time at Cedar Point Amusement Park for some down time and bonding before their 60-mile first full day of riding the next day.

Later in the day, JettRiders stopped by John Owen’s Adventures (JOA), Inc.’s Picnic in the Park. JOA, run by the Dumm family (whose son is impacted by Duchenne), host the event each year to raise awareness for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. JettRider Luke Hains had the honor of speaking to their event-goers, sharing his personal JettRide story and why he rides: for his brother Tanner who has Duchenne.

Check out Luke’s speech here. You can support the team and their mission to raise awareness for Duchenne muscular dystrophy and Jett Foundation at

JOA Fundraiser.jpg

JettRide Day 1: Traveling to Ohio and Visit with the Henegar Family in Ohio

Our nine 2019 JettRiders! L-R: Ashley, Ellie, Evan, Landon, Luke, Nick, Trey, Lance, and Brian.

Our nine 2019 JettRiders! L-R: Ashley, Ellie, Evan, Landon, Luke, Nick, Trey, Lance, and Brian.

The 11th annual JettRide is officially underway! This year’s route will take our nine teenaged bike riders through Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey in just 17 days, while traveling over 700 miles. Riders spent yesterday traveling to their first destination… the starting line in Sandusky, OH.

Once riders were all united at the airport, they traveled to spend some time with Braedan, a 13-year-old impacted by Duchenne, and his family, the Henegar family. The Henegars treated them to some lakeside fun including rope swinging into their lake, swimming, and crawfish hunting. Braedan, expert crawfish hunter, taught the JettRiders a thing or two about critter hunting. After the afternoon’s activities, they were treated to pizza and cake.

“Our visit with the JettRiders was a blast as usual. Love spending time with these kids and chaperones,” said mom, Tammy Henegar. “Such memories we have over the years hosting JettRide. We wish you all safe travels, immense fun and uplifting experiences.”

Thank you to the Henegars for warmly welcoming the JettRiders and making their first day of the ride so special and so fun!

Gearing up for JettRide 2019

jettride teaser pic.jpg

On July 12th, nine courageous teens will embark on Jett Foundation’s 11th annual JettRide, a cycling tour for siblings, family and friends to fight back against Duchenne muscular dystrophy, while also raising funds and awareness for the disease. This year’s route will take riders through Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey in just 15 days, while traveling over 700 miles. 

Riders will take off from the starting line in Sandusky, OH. They will then travel through the Ohioan towns of Massillon and Minerva before crossing into Pennsylvania, stopping first in Beaver Falls, PA. For the next nine days, the teens will travel across the state, lodging in Ellsworth, Connellsville, Garrett, Hancock, Gettysburg, Lebanon and Philadelphia. The riders will briefly ride through Cumberland, MD on day nine of the journey. Finally, our JettRiders will cross the finish line on July 26th at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk in Point Pleasant, NJ. At each of these locations, riders will also be meeting and visiting over 20 families impacted by Duchenne. Each visit brings newfound hope and inspiration to families, as well as the riders. 

At each of the thirteen pit stops along the way, riders will participate in various activities and field trips. This year’s activities include a trip to the NFL Hall of Fame, white water rafting and a run up the Rocky Steps in Philadelphia. 

Annually, family and friends of boys impacted by Duchenne muscular dystrophy utilize their physical strength to bring attention to Duchenne and raise money to support Jett Foundation initiatives. Every rider has his/her own special motivation for participating in this event. 

Nick Valudes, Evan Hoover and Luke and Lance Hains are pedaling to honor their friend and brother, Levi, who was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy 12 years ago. Through the ride, Nick and Evan’s goal is to shed light on Duchenne, raise funds that allow Jett Foundation to empower children and families impacted by the disorder and show Levi how much he is loved. Luke and Lance are motivated by the bright smile and positive attitude of their brother. 

During his freshman year at the University of Pittsburgh, Landon West met a friend who rode in JettRide 2018 to honor his brother. This year, Landon is riding, combining his love of exercise and helping others. 

Brian Edwards is cycling in his second JettRide to honor his brother, Tanner. He is riding again this year to help not only Tanner, but also other kids and families impacted by Duchenne, through raising funds for programs and services.

Ellie Carroll was introduced to Jett Foundation when she was five years old by her mother who works as our Development Officer. After years of cheering riders on at the finish line, Ellie is looking forward to crossing that finish line herself at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk. She is driven by Jett and all the other boys she’s been lucky enough to meet over the years. 

For Trey Bauer, he is motivated by the idea of one day finding a cure for Duchenne. During this year’s ride, he wants to start a larger conversation about Duchenne and honor his cousin, Calvin Quitzau.

Four year veteran of JettRide, Ashley Kelliher, rounds out this year’s team. She will again ride for her friend Cal, who has taught Ashley to never quit and to persevere even through hard times. 

Besides the inspiration the riders get from those impacted by Duchenne, they are always pushed by cheering from the crowds along the route. So, if you are in the area of this year’s stops, become one of the many families to join us along the route! JettRiders would love to meet you! 

We will be holding a celebratory parade at the finish line for the riders on July 26th at 3:00 PM. Family and friends are asked to meet at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, with banners, signs and balloons in toe! Awards and more celebration to follow! Please email Danielle Edwards at to join the JettRide Finish Line Party or if you have any questions. 

To read more about each of these amazing riders and to donate to JettRide 2019, please visit To learn more about JettRide, please visit

Team Jett Tuesday: Nick Jacoubs


Say hello to Nick Jacoubs! He is a Program Associate here at Jett Foundation. A 2018 graduate from Penn State, Nick majored in Health Policy and Administration. Prior to working at Jett Foundation, Nick interned at Boston Children’s Hospital in the Plastic and Oral Surgery Department.

Nick credits his parents for showing him how to overcome challenges, and he uses this to fuel his drive to help children and families impacted by Duchenne muscular dystrophy.  Every day, Nick is “inspired by the resilience of those who have to face adverse circumstances in life.” He looked to enter nonprofit work to help others and have a rewarding career.

Outside of the office, Nick enjoys hitting the gym and watching football or basketball. The rest of his free time is spent with his family and his dog.