Pay it Forward While Spring Cleaning


It may be hard to tell in some parts of the country, but spring has finally arrived! We are just starting to feel warmth in the air here at Jett Foundation’s headquarters in New England, albeit intermixing with the final cool gusts of winter.

So many of us use this time of transition to refresh our homes with some spring cleaning. This year, as you get ready to tidy up and get rid of unwanted items, consider sharing your used equipment in Jett's Accessibility Consignment Store on Facebook.

Sample posting in the store Facebook group.

Sample posting in the store Facebook group.

Jett's Accessibility Consignment Store is a convenient and safe space for families to share their resources with one another. Here are just a few of the items most requested to keep in mind as you work toward your seasonal purge:

  • stairlifts,
  • wheelchairs,
  • scooters,
  • shower chairs,
  • hoyer-lifts.

Head on over to Jett's Accessibility Consignment Store group today and you’ll be on your way toward making this year’s spring cleaning worth the hassle in more ways than one.