Team Jett Tuesday: Alex Lowe


Living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy is tough for any boy that has it, but Alex Lowe has always been determined to live his life to the fullest in spite of that.

Alex was born and raised in Plantation, Florida and has lived there ever since with his mom, dad and older brother Adam. Alex’s family and friends have always supported him through both the good times and the bad times in his life and he is very grateful to have these amazing people in his life.

He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Journalism at Broward College in Davie, Florida and writes a blog called Loweboy Forum in his free time.

Alex also enjoys watching movies, playing video games and watching sports on TV, the latter of which being something he is very passionate about.His lifelong dream is to become a sports journalist because Alex loves football and basketball and is a very talented writer. Alex’s favorite professional sports teams are the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Rams.

When Alex first heard of the opportunity that Jett Foundation had provided him with, he was very excited to begin working. He is passionate about helping others and is happy to be making a difference in his community this summer.

Throughout these next few months, Alex is prepared to put everything he has into his work and hopefully create an opportunity to do more work with Jett Foundation as he continues his journey towards becoming a sports journalist.

Now at the age of 21, Alex is doing really well despite having lost his ability to walk in 2012 and the progression of his disease has thankfully been very slow compared to some other boys who are not as fortunate as he is. He does not take any of this for granted and thinks of it as a chance to lead a positive and productive life because he knows that his situation could be much worse than what it already is.

No challenge is too great for Alex to conquer, considering that he has already gone through so much throughout his young life. We are excited to have Alex on the team this summer and look forward to working with him.