JettRide Day 3: 60-miles in Ohio to the Dumm Family

Day 3 challenged our JettRiders with their first full day of cycling through Ohio. This first major leg of their journey consisted of 60 miles and for nearly half the JettRiders, this was the longest they had ever cycled in their lives. JettRider Lance described the trek as “long and flat” but said he felt extremely accomplished after a day of riding with his friends (new and old) from other states. Evan said the hills were his biggest challenge of Day 3 but that he was feeling good after completing the ride.

The riders finally got some relief and relaxation when they made it to the Dumm family home. There they were treated to a fried chicken dinner (requested by JettRider Trey) and were spoiled by the whole family according to tour leader Gary. Thank you to the Dumm family for their hospitality and for treating our JettRiders so well after a long day!

Dumm Family Visit 1.jpg
Dumm Family Visit 3.jpg