7 Ways to Get Involved in World Duchenne Awareness Day 2018

World Duchenne Awareness Day (WDAD) is September 7 every year and it is recognized across the globe by cities, countries, and even the Pope! There are so many ways to get involved, wherever you live. We’re sharing just a few of those ways to inspire and kick start your own celebrations!

1. Join Jett Foundation at World Duchenne Awareness Day in Cambridge, MA.
If you are in the Boston area, join us at World Duchenne Awareness Day in Cambridge. We're bringing together our Duchenne community for an inspiring speaking program and fun activities for the whole family! This year's celebration will be held at the Kimpton Hotel Marlowe Cambridge from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. Register today at https://www.jettfoundation.org/wdad/.


2. Become a Jett Foundation Community Ambassador.
Are you looking for a way to get more involved and make a difference in the Duchenne community? When you sign up to be a Community Ambassador, you are signing up to become Jett Foundation’s extra ears, eyes, and voices in the Duchenne community. For the Community Ambassador application go to https://www.jettfoundation.org/community-ambassadors/.

3. Find out what WDAD events are happening around your town.
Head online to search for planned World Duchenne Awareness Day events nearby. You can find more information on events happening in several different countries at http://www.worldduchenneday.org/. You can also try search terms like “World Duchenne Awareness Day”,“Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy awareness,” and “WDAD 2018 events” to locate local events.

4. Decorate your home, car, or office red.
The color red is used for WDAD because red is the global color for stop. The whole Duchenne community is determined to STOP Duchenne in its tracks. Grab red balloons, red streamers, or try decorating and hanging posters with information on  Duchenne.

5. Organize a local WDAD event in your area.
Raise awareness in your own community by organizing a WDAD even in your town. Look into holding a restaurant fundraiser or renting a hall for you community to gather and celebrate. You could even try asking for a proclamation from your local city government in honor of WDAD.

6. Donate to Jett Foundation.
Raise awareness for Duchenne on WDAD by paying it forward and sharing your gift on social media. Donations to Jett Foundation support transformational programming like Camp Promise, the Jett Giving Fund, Family Workshops, and more. Donate by visiting https://www.jettfoundation.org/donate-1/.

7. Buy a WDAD shirt.
Can’t make it to Cambridge to get one of our 2018 WDAD shirts? You can celebrate in your own community on September 7 by ordering WDAD shirts for your family. Visit https://www.jettfoundation.org/wdadshirts to see this year’s shirt and place your order. To ensure timely delivery, please place your order before August 20th!

With so many options, how will you be celebrating World Duchenne Awareness Day this year?